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About Us

Inspiring Minds is an amoeboid and elastic group of like-minded volunteers pitching in for common social causes of literacy, skill building and mentoring of underpriviledged children. IM volunteers actively participate in activities of several NGOs in India.  IM is neither an NGO nor a  Company.

Motto: Together We Can


Motivating and inspiring the young and budding children has been a key objective of this group. The success of its initiatives is driven by three factors – the Need(children’s literacy), the Institutions and NGOs (facilitator) and the volunteers (People). The juxtaposition of the goals of these three entitie sensures the success of the initiatives.  Hence the motto: Together We Can.


Inspiring Girl


Journey From Non IT to Testing.
This is writeup of a journey transitionining from Non IT domain to industry IT environment following software Engineerin
Reaching out to Society- Visit to Maher
All of us, at some time or the other have thought to serve our community/society in our own way. Often entangled in our
Roots come searching
2014 I was fortunate to start teaching English via Skype to school kids in a remote place called Pattinam Muniayam Palay

All dates and times are in IST.